RV Dump Station: How to find one when you need it

One of the not-so-glamourous sides of traveling in an RV is emptying your holding tanks at an RV Dump Station Near Me. This can also be scary or frustrating when pulling your fully-loaded RV into a dump station only to find out it’s closed and the next closest one is miles away. Not only are you aggravated, but you end up spending more money on fuel than you planned.

If you are traveling in an unfamiliar area it can be even more challenging just to find a location. This is where we hope to ease some of that stress today with a comprehensive guide to RV Dump Station Near Me. Check out our site with a Downloadable PDF packed with Sani Dump Locations. So, hopefully, this guide will keep you from getting into that unwanted situation everyone fears.

What is a Dump Station (Sanidump)?

A Recreational Vehicle dump station is a place where you can empty your holding tanks into a sanitary sewer system safely and responsibly. Dump stations are often used by owners of motorhomes, campervans, recreational vehicles, or boats that are equipped with toilet facilities and a sewage holding tank, also known as a blackwater holding tank. The holding tank can be safely emptied at a dump station. Greywater holding tanks can also be emptied at a dump station.

Dump stations are often located at campgrounds, RV parks, truck stops, highway rest areas, recreation vehicle dealerships, marinas, and other places that are frequented by recreational vehicles and boats. Recreational vehicle dump station owners may charge a fee for use, or offer them as a free public service.

Recreational Vehicle Dump Station - RV dump station nationwide database

If this is an all-new process for you, check out the below beginner’s guide video

What is Sanidumps.com?

Sanidumps.com is a comprehensive guide to RV dump stations, with the world’s most accurate and largest database of RV dump stations in Canada, the United States, Australia, and even New Zealand. Many product users and RVing friends regularly help when they discover a new Recreational Vehicle Dump Station, they pass the information along to allow daily updates to the website. So, you should never be left with full tanks while traveling again.

Recreational Vehicle Dump Stations

Recreational Vehicle Dump Station - RV dump station nationwide database

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Here are a few more reasons why you need this comprehensive guide:

  • Save money! Eliminate unnecessary driving because you don’t need to hunt for an RV dump station… Reduce wear and tear on your vehicle… Save RV dump fees by finding the least expensive ones…
  • Save time! Never find yourself at a closed RV dump station again! Avoid the long lineups at popular RV dump stations by knowing where the alternate ones are.
  • Safety for your family! Some police agencies target RVs because drivers can easily surpass load limits while carrying around full tanks… Insurance companies are known to deny claims when the RV is found to exceed weight limits… Sudden catastrophic failures to your vehicle happen far less frequently when your holding tanks are empty.

Get Sanidump’s Comprehensive Guide to RV Dump Stations for the country you’ll be traveling in today!

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