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Here are a few updates we have started on our 1990 (yes, that is 1990) Itasca Class C RV. It is really just a starter project to get us out and camping for the next couple of years until we find something more permanent. I thought I would share some of our RV interior updates and maybe give you a few ideas.

The Journey

Carly is downsizing from a 40-foot toy hauler and I am on the other end of the spectrum and have not been camping in 40 years.

I have been researching as much as possible to get up to speed on everything involved in this lifestyle. Our future plans include traveling full-time with our beautiful baby girl.

As of February 2022, we started the final leg with our son finishing his final year of high school and then heading off to college. This will free us up to start putting our plans into action.

Day 1 interior that we started with before updates

RV Interior Updates

We painted all the interior cabinets a nice sky blue with a brown corner bead as our first project. To start we lightly sanded all the cabinet doors after removing them from the cabinets. This helped the paint grab much better since they had a smooth glaze on them originally.

Painting the interior of an RV can be overwhelming for some, so we put together a great tutorial on the best paint to use for interior painting on an RV.

The T molding we found on Amazon for a reasonably good price and it was easy to work with.


Repainting cabinets and putting up wallpaper in our Itasca Class C RV

We chose this great Rustic Wood Wallpaper that really makes everything else pop. I also roughed up the freshly painted doors a tad to make them blend a little better.

Repainting cabinets and putting up wallpaper in our Itasca Class C RV. RV interior updates

In the below picture, you can see a small electric fireplace that we added to ease the chill on those cold nights. It is a perfect fit and really heats the place up quickly. I would add a link for this product from Amazon but it is currently unavailable.

Here is a link in case you would like to search for a Small Portable Fireplace of your own.


Small electric fireplace with multiple lights and new wallpaper in the background. RV interior updates

This fireplace we found has independent light and heat. That was an option that took forever to find as most have one switch that turns on both at once. Really did not want the light on all night long but definitely wanted the heater going.

On the other end of it, we like the light as ambiance during the summer but no need for the heat. Most don’t do this option, so it will take a little searching to find one.

Neon lights from our small electric fireplace in the Itasca class C RV. RV interior updates

The below 2 pictures are the dinette we removed and replaced with kind of a couch/day bed area. With the freshwater tanks under dinette seating, we were limited on what design we could come up with.

Dinette Swap

Replacing dinette in Itasca class C RV to put in a couch. RV interior updates

This gives us a little storage in the center sections and I created a couple of trap doors in case we need to get to the water pump or tanks for any reason. In the process of covering the cushions now and with that and a few throw pillows I think it will be a nice space.

Replacing dinette in Itasca class C RV to put in a couch. RV interior updates

Finally took it out for the first time after the daybed/couch was completed. I have to say it was not a bad night’s sleep for me at 6 foot 1 inch and with a bad back. We also started replacing all the ugly stock curtains throughout the RV.

The center section pulls up and will sit on a pedestal to provide us with a small table when needed. I really don’t see it getting much use unless we have a week of rainy weather.

Excuse the mess below as this was our first trip out and we were still a little unorganized. There was also still some construction in process at the time. The shower will be rebuilt so that is why it is just storage at the moment. Norcold works great!


Itasca class C RV interior of coach
Itasca class C RV interior of coach

Cleaned up pretty nicely for a 30-year-old Class C RV. Still want to replace a few items and build a Daybed where the dinette is.

Lorelai’s first wake up in an RV but even though her hair is crazy she had a great night’s sleep.

Overall it was a perfect weekend getaway for us, great friends, great food, and great weather.

Lorelai first morning of RV life

All in all, it was a smooth first trip out on an adventure. The systems all worked as intended and no mishaps to speak of. I can’t complain about that.

Hopefully, we will have many more memories to be made as we begin this lifestyle of living in an RV.

Our first trip in the new to us Itasca class C RV

Thanks for visiting our page we will regularly post any updates on the RV as we go.

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