Why are so many people starting to live in RVs? The real answer may surprise you

Many full-time RVers have all said as soon as they made the choice to sell their homes and buy an RV, the questions started pouring in: How can you sell the 2500 s.f. a home that you have lived in for 20 years and moved into a 280-square-foot trailer? What will you do with all your stuff? How will your children go to school? Is everything okay? It is usually those that are closest to you that give you the hardest time. Parents, Grandparents, and close friends have a hard time understanding that you would really want this lifestyle. Full-Time RV life is a dream, but why?

What were you thinking?

Some say they want to join the movement of people ditching “sticks and bricks” homes for life on the road. These so-called nomads have long embodied the American Dream of embracing a life of travel, minimal belongings, and working when they want. Full-Time RV living, relaxation, or bust!

Others state living in 200 to 400 square feet has improved their marriages and made them happier, even if they’re earning less. There’s no official term for this lifestyle, but most refer to themselves as “full-time RVers,” “digital nomads” or “workampers.”

The question still remains, why did you really make the choice to become a full-time RV traveler?

My thoughts

I can’t speak for everyone, but I believe it has a lot to do with everyday stress. Jobs, money struggles, maintaining homes, unsettling news 24/7 about our world, and most of all the feeling that life is passing you by.

We sit at our jobs working long hours, for insufficient pay, and for a few weeks a year (if we are lucky), we get away and enjoy life. Then when we do get out into nature or travel to our favorite relaxation spot, it really gets us thinking. I know for me, I start planning ways to not leave the campground at all, but reality creeps back in.

We see these so-called nomads living so free, traveling to beautiful places and relaxing around the fire for hours. I think we all know that it’s all not fun and games, but it still looks much better than our reality.

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Living the RV Lifestyle: Popularity is surely growing

A million Americans live full-time in RVs, according to the RV Industry Association. Some have to do it because they can’t afford other options, but many do it by choice.

Last year was a record for RV sales, according to the data firm Statistical Surveys. More than 10.5 million households own at least one RV, a jump from 2005 when 7.5 million households had RVs, according to RVIA.

Interest in “RVing” — either full-time or on weekends — appears to be picking up, especially among young couples. Half of the new sales are going to Americans under 45, and purchases by people of color are rising, RVIA found in its 2016 surveys, a change from the 20th century when white retirees dominated campsites.

Unless you are retired with a nest egg or very well off, modern-day nomads need some type of income to support their lifestyle. You need to get creative, but in reality, there are plenty of great opportunities to make a living traveling full-time.

If you need a few ideas, we wrote an article on “How to make money traveling in an RV” that will help get the juices flowing.

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