What is the Best Brand Class C Motorhome today?

2020 has seen many highs and lows, above all a pandemic that shut the country down. Firstly, it has ignited a buying frenzy like never before seen in Class C motorhomes. Secondly, manufacturers are pumping models out at a record pace. However, it has created sloppy workmanship as companies race to pump out unit after unit. Don’t get me wrong, not every company is producing defective motorhomes. So, what is the best brand class c RV?

There are some quality brands on the market today, but even the best brands produce a lemon here and there.

The problem I see is subpar companies are now really strapped to find good labor and materials and that is being passed on to the consumer. So mix that with high demand for a unit and you can see why a less-than-quality company may struggle.

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Lastly, this list is not the end-all, be-all list of perfect models to buy. This is really just a starting point for you as you begin your search. It is basically impossible to find a recreational vehicle that will have everything you want. So, start with the models that make you happy and work your way down.

what is the best brand class c motorhome?
Super C Motorhomes – Class C Diesel Motorhomes

Not All Models Are Top Rated

Be aware some of the best RV manufacturers make models that have reliability/quality issues. Educate yourself, therefore you know which model from a top manufacturer is worthy of your money.

The Top 5 Best Class C RVs For Sale Under $60,000

  • Coachmen Freelander Class C Motorhome
  • Winnebago Outlook Class C Motorhome
  • Thor Chateau Class C Motorhome
  • Jayco Redhawk Class C Motorhome
  • Coachmen Leprechaun Class C Motorhome

The Top 5 Best Class C Motorhomes For gas consumption

  • Itasca Navion Motorhome 18mpg
  • Winnebago View 24v Motorhome 16.5mpg
  • Fleetwood Pulse 24A Motorhome 15.2mpg
  • Tiffin Wayfarer Motorhome 14mpg
  • Thor Freedom Elite Motorhome 24FE 13mpg

Which is better diesel or gas motorhome?

Diesel motorhomes are much more fuel-efficient, and diesel fuel has a greater energy value than gasoline does. Its higher energy density means that diesel fuel can offer up to 10 percent better fuel economy by volume. Some find these recreational vehicles as more dependable, while others look at them as more expensive to repair if it does break down. A double-edged sword, right?

The Top 5 Best Class C RVs For Couples

  • Winnebago Aspect Class C Motorhome
  • Dynamax Isata 3 Class C Motorhome
  • Jayco Redhawk Class C Motorhome
  • Winnebago Fuse Class C Motorhome
  • Thor Quantum Class C Motorhome

The Top 5 most reliable Class C RVs

  • Coachmen Freelander
  • Tiffin Wayfarer
  • Thor Tiburon Sprinter
  • 2021 Jayco Greyhawk
  • Dynamax Europa

The Top 5 Class C motorhomes for towing power

I kept off super C motorhomes as their towing ability is much higher 18-20,000 lbs.

  • Thor Four Winds 8,000 lbs.
  • Forest River Sunseeker 7,500 lbs.
  • Holiday Rambler Augusta 7,500 lbs.
  • Winnebago Minnie Winnie 7,500 lbs.
  • Jayco Greyhawk Prestige 7575 lbs.

Now on to our list of Overall Best Class C RV Manufacturers

what is the best brand class c motorhome?

This is just a company overview as a whole more than a critique of specific models. We will review different models in an upcoming blog and dig deeper into specs. and pricing.

Lazy Daze

Their primary objective is to build the best possible RV, not the greatest number. To utilize quality components, not the cheapest. This, in combination with their excellent manufacturing staff, has created a Lazy Daze Motorhome with outstanding durability.

The Lazy Daze frame, located between the inside and outside walls, is backed with a lifetime warranty to the original owner. This unique warranty helps substantiate the fact that they manufacture a rugged product, with built-in longevity for years of trouble-free enjoyment.

Lazy Daze has many dedicated followers who believe their recreational vehicles have superior quality compared to other brands.



This is one of those names we have all heard growing up as kids. Winnebago has been around for many years and past owners are on both sides of the fence. Some loved them and others not so much. Over the years there have been changes to the company and the products they produce. This could be a contributing factor as to why they have such a wide range of reviews on both ends of the spectrum.

Smart design innovations mean you’ll enjoy industry-first technology. Advanced parts supply system coupled with excellent customer support means unparalleled service. And superior craftsmanship built with safety in mind means quality you can trust.

That’s a lot for one letter to deliver, but it’s what our community of owners has come to expect. But it’s more than that. Winnebago is greater than its products and services. It’s a community that stretches back over half a century. A community of owners that strive for boundless adventure. It’s a community of craftsmen that weld and stitch and polish every vehicle that makes those adventures possible. This growing community is at the heart of everything we make and do.


Dynamax – Forest River

Dynamax, legendary product integrity, and customer loyalty have combined to build a powerful brand. Now, a new generation of RVs is coming of age – delivering the best of both worlds – casual, easy living interiors with fresh décor options designed to maximize comfort and value.

They work hard to provide the most enjoyable ownership experience in the industry. Through their dedicated on-site service department, they are able to provide incredible value and successfully cultivate wonderful relationships with their owners.

Dynamax, reaching a higher standard is not an option, it’s a tradition. When you take their higher standards of safety, quality, and reliability and then back them up with their industry-leading warranty & customer service, you get a very powerful combination. Just as in a home, an RV provides a number of opportunities for something to go wrong. While they work hard to assure that things do not go wrong, they make sure that our Warranty and Customer Service Support is there to take care of you if something does!

Dynamax is stronger than ever as part of Forest River, Inc. You can have confidence that they will be around to make your ownership worry-free for a long time to come.


Entegra Coach – Thor

Wade Thompson and Peter Orthwein founded THOR Industries in 1980 with the purchase of Airstream, an already iconic brand. Since going public in 1984, THOR has grown both organically and through strategic acquisitions in both recreational vehicles (RVs) and buses. Today, the THOR Family of Companies is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of recreational vehicles.

Over the years THOR has received many honors for its growth and management success and has become one of the most admired and respected companies.

Thor gets a lot of bad rap from online reviews and in social media, but it is little known that Thor owns many of the popular brands on the market. Such as Jayco, Keystone, Tiffin, Dutchman, and Starcraft.


Renegade – REV Group

Renegade RV is part of REV Group, Inc., a leader in the motor vehicle industry for bus, emergency, recreation, and specialty markets. The name REV is not an acronym but instead, a statement that drives home our company’s commitment to connect and protect thousands of people every day.

In short, REV builds “vehicles for life” thanks to its 18 manufacturing facilities, 29 vehicle brands, and more than 7,400 REV employees across the United States. The company produces more than 20,000 vehicles annually, including ambulances, fire apparatuses, commercial buses, terminal trucks, street sweepers, wheelchair-accessible vans, and of course, luxury motor coaches, like Renegade RV.

Under the company umbrella, the REV Recreation Group, formerly Allied Recreation Group, is made up of some of the world’s most recognized and admired RV brands. Each brand — American Coach, Monaco Coach, Holiday Rambler, Fleetwood RV, and of course, Renegade RV — remains distinct, while together the group is a celebration of the rich heritage and future promise of the greatest manufacturers in the RV industry.


what is the best brand class c RV?

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps with your journey to find the perfect RV that fits your lifestyle. As stated earlier all manufacturers have models/units that are just not up to par, but it is the quality brands that limit those from making it to the consumer. With anything normal wear and tear are just part of life, things break. Do your homework and research/tour models many times to help make the best-educated decision.