The Ultimate Guide to RV Shows in the USA

If you are wanting to hit some of the biggest and best RV shows in the country, you better get planning. Most of the large shows come early in the year and will be here before you know it. If you were searching for “RV Shows 2023 Near Me” you came to the right place.

We are going to help with the details for each of the shows we are highlighting in this Blog.

What is an RV show?

An RV show can be compared to the circus coming to town for adults or RV enthusiasts. This is a chance for local RV dealerships to showcase their new line of RVs and to also clear out old inventory. For anyone in RV shopping mode, it can be the perfect opportunity to see multiple types of RVs from many different manufacturers all in one place.

Besides having a chance to see all the RV types available, they usually will bring along several in different floorplans for you to see.

RV shows in the USA

Is an RV show worth attending?

Yes, if you are new to RVs and have no idea what type of an RV would suit you best. Between towable and driveable models it can be very overwhelming at first.

How can an RV show help me choose my perfect RV?

  • RV show provides a variety of RV types all in one place.
  • You will usually find a mix of manufacturers to check each one’s workmanship.
  • Many different floorplan combinations to see.
  • Each dealership and RV part supplier sends a representative to be on hand for questions you might have.
  • RV shows usually have the newest line of their products to showcase.
  • Highly debatable, but many say there are good deals to be had at RV shows. Do your homework beforehand!
  • Use the large inventory of different RVs to check build quality thoroughly, sit in them for a bit to see if it is a good fit for you, talk to the reps provided with any and all questions you have and of course, talk to each other and see wait feels right.

Take the opportunity of visiting a few RV shows to help you find the perfect RV for you and your family.

The list will be updated regularly by removing past shows and adding upcoming shows as details come in. We want you to have as much time as possible so you can plan ahead.

What Is the Largest RV Show in the U.S.?

The Hershey RV Show boasts of being the largest RV show in the U.S., with 1300 plus RVs from over 40 manufacturers covering more than 33 football fields!

Best RV shows of the year (updated when new dates are added)

This will be an ever-changing list as we add new shows and remove past events from the list. Many of the larger shows have come and gone, but there are still some great RV shows coming up this year.

RV Shows near me - inside a local RV show with a variety of RV makes and models.

Let’s go ahead and get started with the Best RV shows this year that you don’t want to miss.

RV Shows 2023

State by State: Is there a show coming to your hometown?



  • October 22-23 2022 Carlson Center – Fairbanks, AK


The Quartzite Sports, Vacation & RV Show Quartzsite Show Grounds, Quartzsite, AZ January 21-29, 2023




  • Colorado RV Sports & Travel Show 2023 Dates TBA National Western Complex – Denver, CO


Upcoming shows TBA

RV Show Tips and Tricks

Have a Plan

Preparing for the RV show ahead of time will make the experience much more enjoyable, especially if it’s a large exhibition.

  • If possible, check their website to see if they have a floor plan, seminar schedule, a list of vendors, etc. Know ahead of time which vendors you want to visit and their locations.
  • Seminars have limited space and can fill up quickly, so plan to get to them early.
  • RV shows typically are on weekends, with some starting on Thursday or Friday. Try to make it on the weekdays to avoid the larger weekend crowds.
  • You might be there all day! So, wear comfortable clothing and shoes.
  • If you plan to buy an RV, wait till the end of the last day for the best deal!



Upcoming shows TBA


Upcoming shows TBA



  • 33rd Annual Fall Boat & RV Show & Sale September 23-25, 2022 Indiana State Fairgrounds – Indianapolis, IN
  • Indianapolis RV Show Indianapolis, IN January 7-8, 11 2023
  • Valley RV & RV Show South Bend, IN January 12-15 2023





Upcoming shows TBA


Upcoming shows TBA



Upcoming shows TBA




Upcoming shows TBA


Here are a few pictures from the fall RV outdoor showcase in St. Charles, MO earlier fall of 2022. We noticed a limited amount of class C RVs this year and a focus more on travel trailers of all sizes. This could be an overflow from production or RV enthusiasts will be leaning more in that direction in the future.

Either way, it was a nice event showcasing plenty of new products that will make RV life so much easier.

The last picture is a new fifth wheel that is one level front to back. The whole underbelly is all storage front to back, side to side. who has that much stuff? It is a neat concept, but a little overkill for this family.

Best RV shows 2023

Here are some things to think about before you go! From 2 Boomers and a baby RV

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Upcoming shows TBA


Upcoming shows TBA


Upcoming shows TBA

New Hampshire

New Jersey

Upcoming shows TBA

New Mexico

Upcoming shows TBA

New York

North Carolina

  • Greensboro RV Show & Sale Greensboro Coliseum Complex, Greensboro, NC January 5-8 2023
  • Charlotte RV Show & Sale The Park Expo & Conference Center, Charlotte, NC January 26-29 2023

North Dakota

Upcoming shows TBA



Upcoming shows TBA



Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota

Upcoming shows TBA


  • The Nashville RV Show Nashville Fairgrounds, Nashville, TN Jan 20-22 2023
  • East Tennessee RV show MeadowView Resort and Convention Center
    Kingsport, TN January 27-29 2023



Upcoming shows TBA


Upcoming shows TBA


  • Virginia RV Expo Postponed to 2023 Hampton Roads Convention Center – Hampton, VA

Washington State

West Virginia

Upcoming shows TBA


Upcoming shows TBA


  • Wyoming Outdoor Weekend & Expo  Lander, WY  May 20 – 21, 2022

2023 RV Shows Near Me

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